Vision & Mission


We want to be recognized as one of the best companies in the world to care for dispensing draft beer.


We want to deliver innovative high quality products and new solutions to the global draft beer market.


With over 50 years of industry experience in innovation, engineering and manufacturing, we remain a dynamic and energetic worldwide leader.

  • Founded in 1953
  • Headquarter in Odense
  • Privately owned Danish company
  • ISO 9001 (working on ISO 14001)
  • AAA Certified
  • Turnover more than € 182 Million
  • Staff - 745 persons
  • Manufacturing in Denmark, United Kingdom, Lithuania & China
  • Represented with sales offices in Luxemburg, United Kingdom and Germany


Micro Matic's INNOVATION LAB contains a special team of highly skilled engineers and specialists, who develop new innovative products and collaborate with customers directly on specific customer needs.

We believe in innovation as a driving power in our company and we think this has been one of the essential factors in creating our current position as a world leading company in our field.

Micro Matic products and solutions are environmentally and technically viable and user-friendly.

We are always seeking to develop new, distinctive and innovative products and services with the intention of moving the market forward.

We believe in know-how and the combination of constant education and relationship with research institutes and education institutions worldwide.

Our focus in all new product development is to ensure high quality draught beer.


Quality is one of our most important focus points and we did inaugurate a TEST LAB in our headquarter in Odense, to insure that we constantly live up to our high standards.

We can carry out most international tests and do also collaborate with leading international test centres.

The TEST LAB is collaborating directly with our INNOVATION LAB who make running test during development to ensure all new products are developed with the maximum attention to necessary standards and requirements.

All running productions are frequently tested to ensure our quality and to constantly focus on optimizing the quality of our products.


Over the years Micro Matic is known for its commitment in thinking, designing and acting environmentally correctly.

We focus on making long lasting quality products as a benefit for the environment but also on safe disposal and reuse of many components.

Micro Matic also has a Cooperate Social Responsibility policy, as we believe in taking care of and developing our human resources as a fundamental issue in our company.